Are you eligible to qualify for HDOA Lease Land?

kylekaloIf you can answer “Yes” to the following questions, you will most likely qualify for a long-term lease. New farmers that do not meet the HDOA qualification requirements may apply for a probationary, short-term lease in order to obtain the necessary farming experience.

Graduates of the Kohala Center‘s Ku I Ka Mana Beginning Farmer Training Program will be approved for a probationary lease.

The Hāmākua Agricultural Co-op’s Board of Directors has final approval of all membership requests.

  • Residency: Have you been a resident of the State of Hawaii for at least 3 years?
  • Farming Experience/Training: Do you have at least two years’ experience as a full-time farmer or four years’ experience as a part-time farmer? Do you have experience or training that would make you likely to successfully operate a farm?
  • HDOA Application: Are you willing to complete and submit an Application to the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture and wait 4 weeks for approval
  • Farm Business Plan: Are you willing to submit a Farm Business Plan complete with Cash Flow Projections, Maps and a realistic timeline towards full production? (Contact us if you need assistance in preparation)
  • Financial Capability: Are you willing to prove your financial capability by providing: a current financial statement, 3-years State tax returns, credit report, tax clearances, and grant/loan commitments, if any? (Contact us if you need assistance in preparing these forms).
  • Payments: Are you willing and able to pay a $100 membership fee, 12-month lease payments in advance, and an additional amount to the performance bond fund upon signing a sub-lease?
  • Cooperation: Are you willing to cooperate with others and work towards a prosperous and sustainable farming community?

Get started qualifying for Hāmākua Ag Co-op sub-lease land

If you answered yes to these questions and can provide the necessary documentation then you will most likely be approved by the HDOA for a sublease. Apply for a sub-lease by completing the application form.