About Us

The Hāmākua Agricultural Cooperative sub-leases farmland on the Hāmākua Coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i, offering membership in a community of farmers and ranchers committed to quality products.

Rebuilding Our Community

When the Hāmākua Agricultural Cooperative (Co-op) formed in 1994, it marked a critical time in this island’s history as 100 years of plantation life on the Hāmākua coast came to an abrupt end. After the Hāmākua sugar plantation closed, the formation of the Hāmākua Agricultural Co-op created opportunities for displaced sugar workers and their families who were struggling to rebuild their community without the industry that had supported and shaped their lives for the last century.

Today the Hāmākua Agricultural Co-op offers residents an opportunity to sub-lease farm land on one of their 100 farms ranging in size from 3 to 20 acres, located between Pa‘auilo and Honokaia on the Hāmākua Coast. We offer some of the lowest lease rates in the State and our lands are situated at low elevations and supplied with irrigation water from the Hāmākua Ditch.

Benefits of a Cooperative

Your membership with the Hāmākua Ag Co-op will allow you to become part of a cooperative community of farmers and ranchers working together to yield high quality Hāmākua agricultural products. Our co-op members manage a variety of businesses and projects including orchards, vegetable farms, aquaponics, nurseries, and ranches.

Getting ready for market. Post-harvest handling is simplified thanks to a shared wash, pack, and store facility located outside of Honoka‘a in Haina, which provides potable county water and refrigerated storage.

Selling products. Our popular Co-op farmer’s market stand sells members’ product at the Waimea Homestead Farmer’s Market and the Waimea Midweek Farmer’s Market at Pukalani Stables.

Marketing. The Co-op provides opportunities for members to work together to build their businesses, growing and marketing their products with the help of Co-op resources and services. We’re currently working on several projects to better serve our members, such as collective marketing for our member’s product, strengthening our Internet presence, and bulk purchases of supplies.


Our Vision

The Hāmākua Agricultural Cooperative is a community of farmers working together to support each other and the Island community by successfully producing fine quality, sustainably produced Hāmākua agricultural products.

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