Start the process to lease Hāmākua Ag Co-op land

To begin the leasing process the following items need to be provided to the Co-op for submission to the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture (HDOA). We want to make the process as easy as possible so we have provided templates to help you and are available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us for guidance.

Once your completed application is received it will be forwarded to the HDOA for approval. The average approval time is 3 weeks.

  1.  Download the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture Application and Qualification Questionnaire
  2. Verification of farming experience – you must have proof that you have at least 2 years full-time farming experience or 4 years part-time farming experience or have a degree in agriculture by providing:
    ♦ Copies of your Schedule F tax returns for the last 2 years OR
    ♦ Copies of your GET returns for the last 2 years OR
    ♦ Copy of diploma showing a degree in agriculture, horticulture, floraculture, mariculture, or aquaculture.
  3. Two letters of reference that verify your agricultural background
  4. Farm Business Plan – with measurable, annual benchmarks leading to full production within 3 years of signing a sub-lease.
  5. Cash Flow Projections for 5 years
  6. Current Financial Statement (Balance Sheet/Income-Expense/Net Worth). 
  7. State Tax Returns – copies of previous 3 years
  8. Current Credit Report
  9. State Tax Clearance – instructions on how to obtain this is shown in HDOA Application.
  10. County Tax Clearance – instructions on how to obtain this is shown in HDOA Application.
  11. Loan and or Grant commitments if applicable
  12. If intended crops are not prevalent in the area you will need to supply letters from agricultural experts testifying to the viability of the crop.
  13. Preliminary Map Plan – if you have not yet decided on a specific parcel, you do not need to furnish this map at this time.

Need assistance?

The Co-op offers assistance in completing the required information if needed. Let us know how we can help.